Hi all, I would like to introduce myself. I'm a re...
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Hi all, I would like to introduce myself. I'm a researcher working at TU Berlin in analog design (mostly RF) which some experience in building cell generators and pcells. I would like to build open source frequency synthesizers and it seems that there is an interest in this for other circuits as well. I would be happy to work together on this, not only the design but also finding the specifications that could help many analog and digital designs. Besides that I started a project for open source layout generators (pcells, so-to-speak) that works with technology-independent cell descriptions and translates them into layout data with the help of technology files. I started writing some techfiles for skywater130, but this is in a pretty early state. I would love if anybody could have a look. I'm open for any suggestions, improvements and feature-wishes. The current state is rather limited (no hierarchies possible), but singular cells such as inductors or transistors are working fine. In theory it could be possible to build entire designs with this project, with a direct export to GDSII, but that is quite far away.
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@Patrick Kurth Great! Go join the #analog-design and #radio channels.
we're trying to get a bank of RF cells together