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@User: Can you do one little thing and change the column "Article #" on the github.io site with the author name? The article number does not seem to be especially relevant now that the submissions are done, and I'd like to see who is the speaker on the front page (I'd like to say I am totally unbiased and will systematically go through every talk and watch the full video, but that is sort of pending on me having the time to watch all of them). One more thing: The title still says "Tentative Schedule", but I assume the schedule is now final?
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I would welcome a pull request but I need to do some other stuff righ tnow.
And it is still tentative since we just went live with it and may have some changes.
I will make those changes in the next couple days though
(Part of the issue is we didn't note who the speaker is for each paper...)
No problem; it was just a thought, anyway. I'm already enjoying the videos.
Actually, I just did it