So I am looking to run a spice simulatio, Since I ...
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So I am looking to run a spice simulatio, Since I do not have much spice experience I would like some help finding some example/instructions, preferably something sky130 and openlane specific
For an analogue flow intro, these are some good places to start that will describe the schematic setup (maybe not needed?) but also simulation, waveform viewing etc.
thanks, I will have a look
There's a PLL design set to be included in the management harness on all chips
I believe they are capable of running multiple different designs in there if you have one
I didn't have a look at the harness yet, but I remember a PLL would be a part of it being mentioned in the talk.
I made some progress, I started with the
RTL, since the netlist is short.
I get the next error, I think I can make a manual workaround, but it is not practical for larger designs.
Error: too few nodes: xfiller_0_15 vgnd vpwr sky130_fd_sc_hd__decap_12