TIL that Micro Magic (<micromagic.com>) SUE EDA to...
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TIL that Micro Magic (micromagic.com) SUE EDA tools have been open sourced: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mmi-pd This is the tool they used to make a 5 GHz RISC-V.
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the source release tarball on sourceforge is from 2004
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At least they have: "Prebuilt binaries for Linux, Sparc-Solaris, and HP-PA." I hate having to build on Solaris and HPUX. 🤪
I tried to rebuid , (prebuilt binaries are for 32 bit, my system is 64 bit linux), however the distribution is really old, there are even pre-ANSI C files...so there are lot of edits to be done...
I looked into it, but I think even pulling out a 2004's vintage 32-bit Linux, this would be very challenging. There's no documentation on how to build it (just incoherent bits and pieces) and there's a lot of interdependencies. After a few hours it seemed unlikely that the 20+ year old code base would be valuable enough to merit this pain (and TCL should be wiped from all known universe).
is it possible to design RISC-V at 350mV and fixed between 10-100Mhz?