Would a standard cell jigsaw be cool? 3d printed o...
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Would a standard cell jigsaw be cool? 3d printed or laser cut maybe. Didn't I see this somewhere, maybe alongside the monster8502 maker faire exhibition?
I'd been thinking about trying to make standard cells out of layers of tinted acrylic
since it would allow laying them out in 3d to visualize them
It would look great too
Would the layers fit into a transparent surround? Or align somehow?
I have a laser cutter if you want to collab
I was thinking to try to line them up manually / with a jig and then glue the corners
otherwise some sort of transparent jig so that all the layers are square
idk if the jig would make it harder to see though
I’ve been thinking for a while about making scaled models of standard cells for various nodes. Spent the last days collecting info and educated guesses about TSMC N5. Maybe a painted PLA print at 100000:1 with fins, gates , s/d, and M1...