Hey There, Do you want to witness what VSD Interns...
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Hey There, Do you want to witness what VSD Interns are capable of? Then join Mixed signal Physical Design labs using OpenLANE/Sky130 webinar on 26th March, 6pm IST This session is LIVE and FREE. Fill up below form to receive meeting invitation Curriculum - Section 1 - Generating hard-macro LEF for basic analog block Lecture 1 - Introduction To Mixed Signal Flow And EDA Tools Used Lecture 2 - Macro LEF File Modification Lecture 3 - Steps To Create Pins In Macro LEF Lecture 4 - Steps To Modify LEF Class Origin And Site Properties Lecture 5 - Steps To Modify LEF Bounding Box Property Lecture 6 - Steps To Modify LEF Port Property Lecture 7 - LEF File Modifications Summary Section 2 - Macro based RTL2GDS using OpenLANE/Sky130 Lecture 1 - Steps To Setup New OpenLANE Project Lecture 2 - Steps To Setup Macro LEF Files for OpenLANE flow Lecture 3 - Short theory on RTL2GDS flow Lecture 4 - Synthesis, Floorplan Lecture 5 - Global and Detailed placement Lecture 6 - Tap/Decaps placement Lecture 7 - PDN generation Lecture 8 - Final routing, GDS generation and Conclusion https://forms.gle/zn4fzEeAJynBo8wM9
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Meeting invites sent to everyone who has filled the form.. See you for an amazing hands-on session, 10hrs from now
Will a recording be made available?