Officially we do not support projects that do a wh...
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Officially we do not support projects that do a wholesale replacement of the caravel chip. It will not run through the standard submission process; supporting it therefore requires an extra effort on our part which we don't have the time and staff to support. If you are testing a padframe, the best thing to do is to build an entire chip that fits inside the user project area. A couple of projects did this for MPW-one. The downside of that is that you can't make use of the WSCLP bump bonding, so you would get back bare die and have to be responsible for getting the chip wirebonded into a package and assembled on a board for testing.
Thank for your warning! I'm interest in Caravan harness test and don't know when it release. I'm designing analog block and need a 1.8v analog power supply pin. I didn't found that vdda pin have 1.8v for analog in documents of Caravel, instead, all vdda pin equal to 3.3v. So, I want to know when Caravan release? and, did it have 1.8v analog power supply pins. Thank you very much and Have a nice day!
Caravan was released about two weeks ago. However, both Caravel and Caravan have 1.8V power supply pins; the VCCD1 and VCCD2 pins are 1.8V supplies. These pins in the user project area don't connect to anything, so they can be used either for analog or digital inputs.