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Join 10-weeks VLSI/RISC-V/Analog/Digital Hardware Design program Our 6th cohort of hardware design programs starts in 2-days. There are many questions about what we actually do in our programs. Let me summarize and generalize various stages of the program   Stage 1 - Design RnD 1) Design selection and draft specification   Stage 2 - RTL design and Synthesis 2) RTL coding and functional simulation using iverilog and gtkwave 3) RTL synthesis and gate level simulation using Yosys and Skywater 0.13nm or LibreSilicon 1um technology node   Stage 3 - SoC and Physical Design 4) Pre-layout flat/hierarchical static timing analysis 5) Port/Pin placement, Macro/IP placement, Power routing, top level chip floor-planning using Magic/OpenLANE 6) Placement and post-placement timing analysis 7) Clock tree synthesis and clock timing analysis 8) Routing and post-layout static timing analysis   Stage 4 - Physical Verification 9) Advance to GDSII and tapeout stage   Stage 5 - Project report writing and VLSI Job resume preparation 10) Detailed GitHub project report writing   This is the only program, which allows you to choose your own mentors, who are quite well known for their own domains, work with them and get a virtual design company experience. This program is a replica of how industry delivers projects, so VSD will provide Work Experience Certificates to all participants who complete 10-weeks with us.   Here's the registration link which closes in next 48hours-   All the best and happy learning
i guess interns should be paid instead for their work ,also 72000 I so costly as we are not even using paid software,these are open source softwares
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