Hi, How to interface analog circuits to caravel ...
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Hi, How to interface analog circuits to caravel framework using verilog or please suggest an alternative way to include an analog module to caravel
Depends. 1. Determine if you need caravel (only digital pins available and some 150 ohm terminated analog pins) OR caravan (which has analog + noesd pins) 2. Design your analog circuit. Then two variant exist. Using manual and digital flow. 1. Manually place and connect the macro inside caravan wrapper <- simple 2. Pass the LVS/DRC/PEX/Simulation 3. Pass the precheck Second variant if you need digital components, then you need to use OpenLane. 1. Make the LEF 2. Make verilog wrapper 3. Make verilog netlist/RTL 4. Configure OpenLane a. May need placement and even adding blockages for analog routing as OpenLane uses digital routing rules and buffers on analog nets 5. Same: pass LVS/DRC, but PEX/Simulation might not be reasonable