# general

Binoy B

02/28/2022, 6:11 AM
Hi, How to interface analog circuits to caravel framework using verilog or please suggest an alternative way to include an analog module to caravel

Arman Avetisyan

02/28/2022, 6:50 AM
Depends. 1. Determine if you need caravel (only digital pins available and some 150 ohm terminated analog pins) OR caravan (which has analog + noesd pins) 2. Design your analog circuit. Then two variant exist. Using manual and digital flow. 1. Manually place and connect the macro inside caravan wrapper <- simple 2. Pass the LVS/DRC/PEX/Simulation 3. Pass the precheck Second variant if you need digital components, then you need to use OpenLane. 1. Make the LEF 2. Make verilog wrapper 3. Make verilog netlist/RTL 4. Configure OpenLane a. May need placement and even adding blockages for analog routing as OpenLane uses digital routing rules and buffers on analog nets 5. Same: pass LVS/DRC, but PEX/Simulation might not be reasonable