Is there a working guide on how to tape out a desi...
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Is there a working guide on how to tape out a design? I'm following this, but I keep running into problems. I haven't even changed anythign yet, all I want to do is run through the process with the unchanged caravel harness. Git warns me that some files are larger than githubs maximum, the github CI run fails, and finally precheck fails telling me some files fail the license check due to unicode decode errors...
make compress, before commiting to git The precheck will fail if you have no changes made. github ci fails is not your fault probably. Regarding the unicode errors, investigate by yourself for sometime and if you cant figure out, create the issue in github.a
Its okay to run into problems. I am not an expert and it seems that you will always run into problems, fix them by yourself or ask for help. A lot of ppl are happy to help (including me)