Does anyone know a tiny, one-file python-based yam...
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Does anyone know a tiny, one-file python-based yaml parser? I've folded pyyaml into like, one file and it's kind of massive and poyo is grossly incompatible.
Can I ask why it needs to be one file?
Python import shenanigans, for the most part- but now that i think about it, a folder with an would also work.
Mostly just size is what I'm concerned about honestly- I don't want to bother with submodules and/or a huge library I'd have to manually synchronize in case of a CVE.
we're assuming pip is not guaranteed in this particular environment.
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Ah OK, I was just going to say can you
it away but if you can't guarantee
then yeah I'd go for homemade package. What's the reason you can't guarantee pip out of interest?
The script in question surveys the user's environment before they submit an issue. It checks if pip and venv exist, among other things. Unfortunately, said other things involve parsing a yaml file. 🙃
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