Ahmed Khalaf

05/26/2023, 1:45 PM
I finally got something acceptable from ChatGPT but I still have integration and timing issues. Any chance the deadline will be pushed?

Andrew Wright

05/26/2023, 4:08 PM
There are plenty of experienced people who can help on the channel. Please feel free to post a slightly more detailed issue and we may be able to assist you in moving forward quickly. For example, is your integration issue with the RTL wrapper or the physical block boundary of the caravel user project or something else?

Ahmed Khalaf

05/26/2023, 5:53 PM
Ok, thanks for the feedback. I'll try to find some time on the weekend for this and if I don't progress that much I'll try to post here

The Leviathan

05/26/2023, 8:27 PM
There is some manual labor required my dear. As KITT said "Well no! Unfortunately we MAY rely on some HUMAN judgment". Consulting with Bing AI (through Skype) and ChatGPT, I was able to fix my matrix multiplication accelerator just fine. Don't just use her as a code generator, use her as your muse! 😉
#MachinesAreOurFriends #ILoveMachines