Andrew Wright

05/24/2023, 9:41 PM
@The Leviathan Not suggesting anything. That is entirely up to the entrant. Just trying to compile the best inputs so everybody can make good choices. Now that we've got somebody working on the Knight 2000 (A reference to a hilariously badly acted TV show with a fantastic TV car prop for the younger folks) and somebody else convinced they are Miles Dyson building the first version of Skynet (A reference to an AI system that takes over strategic defense in the Terminator movies series and causes "The War Against The Machines" starting 29th August 1997.) , we might as well fill out the group with a set of actually low power RTL implemented neurons and do some work toward Transcendence (Johnny Depp stars in a movie leveraging principles espoused by both Ray Kurzweil and Elon Musk wherein a brain is downloaded and connected to the web and becomes an immensely powerful SciFi AI ). The key part is to make sure one or multiple of these get done well enough to meet the entry requirements. Not to steer your direction (I'm not one of the judges) but I'm a huge fan of the Generative AI accelerated hardware AI accelerator.
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