<@U03UV5NUV6Z> So that's the initial output where ...
# generative-ai
@Andrew Wright So that's the initial output where you can see the initial, very naive prompt, the full log (24MB), can be downloaded here:
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Using embedded DuckDB without persistence: data will be transient *****CONFIGURATION***** Name : BabyAGI Mode : alone LLM : gpt-3.5-turbo *****OBJECTIVE***** Use Verilog for implementing an AI accelerator like the NeuronCore-v2 by Amazon, but name the new core Knight Co-Processor. The Knight Co-Processor should support mixed precision and have a W ishbone bus for using it in designs. For drawing block diagrams you can use Tikz and for simulating the Verilog you have written, you can use Icarus verilog (iverilog). Initial task: Develop a task list Using results storage: Chroma (Default) *****TASK LIST***** • Develop a task list *****NEXT TASK*****