Hello, is there an easy way to disable the code bl...
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Hello, is there an easy way to disable the code blocks? for example if I have a block of spice code to run a parameterised sweep but want to disable it while I use a different analysis? I don't want to delete it or go through and comment out all the lines if I can help it
yes, add an attribute spice_ignore=true:
Great thanks!
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@ParkedTom Driven by user requests recently I added a convenient shortcut to disable circuit elements. The shortcut does nothing more than adding the
attribute (or
depending on current netlisting mode). You can select multiple objects and block-disable them. Applying the menu command again re-enables the components. Another change, now disabled elements are drawn in grey. I think this will visually help. Elements that are disabled for spice netlist are not automatically disabled for VHDL or verilog, unless you disable them for these netlist formats too.
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@Stefan Schippers this is really good feature added to xschem.