An incredible line follower has been developed usi...
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An incredible line follower has been developed using the highly advanced and innovative vsdsquadron educational board, which features cutting-edge RISC-V and VLSI technology. This application proves that- 1. The line-follower is being powered by an advanced RISC-V based SoC chip. 2. The chip's physical design is clean in terms of STA, DRC, and LVS. 3. It's essential for students to comprehend why PD, STA, DRC, LVS, and VLSI are necessary, and the chip is proof of concept, being both silicon and application proven. 4. The vsdsquadron board is highly versatile, capable of running sensor-based applications that can be expanded to include high volume applications such as IOT and smart irrigation. With the vsdsquadron board, you can gain knowledge on the above-mentioned topics and much more using just a single educational tool. Below link has more details-