Nelson Rodriguez

03/17/2023, 2:05 AM
Hi, I would like to know if its possible to sweep a parameter of a pulse voltage signal (like its TR, TF, TD, etc) in the same way as we can sweep the value of a device using
command. I'm trying to sweep TR and TF parameters but it seems it's not working [Fig 2]
I solved it, but I have a small doubt. My solution was to define a parameter
.param TR=8p
and change
command by
alterparam TR = value
[Fig 1] However if I define another parameter
.param TF = value
I get an error indicating that this second parameter is unknown [Fig 2] @Stefan Schippers, @Harald Pretl maybe you know?
I don't know what's happening, It worked some minutes ago, now it's not identifying the parameter.
Ok, it seems that I have to add the parameters between quotes [Fig1]. I did that because I found in the manual this [Fig 2] it's like when a parameter is send as a function argument, it must go between quotes.

Stefan Schippers

03/17/2023, 8:00 AM
Also the manual states that a
instruction is needed after an alterparam for the change to take effect in the netlist. so if you want to run another simulation with changed parameters the sequence is:
  tran 1n 3u
  alterparam TR=...
  tran 1n 3u
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Nelson Rodriguez

03/19/2023, 4:23 AM
Thanks @Stefan Schippers